By Angie Raphael

3 stars

I have never been much of a fan of Amy Schumer's sense of humour, mostly because I find her annoying rather than funny, but I did actually laugh a fair bit during this road trip comedy. Perhaps pairing her with the lovable and hilarious Goldie Hawn helped tone down some of Schumer's usually crass behaviour. She definitely still has a lot of stereotypical moments though, including some unnecessary nudity and crude one-liners. Snatched is about Emily Middleton (Schumer), who gets dumped by her musician boyfriend and is left with two non-refundable tickets to Ecuador, so she forces her boring mother Linda (Hawn) to come along for an adventure. But things take a disastrous turn when they are kidnapped and their captors demand a ransom for their release from Emily's weird homebody brother Jeffrey (Ike Barinholtz). Director Jonathan Levine kept the running time tight and the momentum was good throughout, but writer Katie Dippold failed to provide a particularly fresh story. It seemed at times like she just strung a series of gags together. The disgusting and unfunny tapeworm sequence definitely should have been dropped. Snatched is entertaining enough but Hawn deserves better.